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§ 389.14
Locating and copying records and documents.
Public records and documents on file with the Civil Aeronautics Board will be located and copied upon request and payment of fees as set forth below:
(a) There shall be no charge in connection with searches for records or documents under this chapter.
(b) Photocopies of records or documents shall be made using the Board's facilities or by contractors.
(1) The fee for photocopying will be 15 cents per page.
(2) The fee for copying by contractors will be that established in the contracts with the Board and will be billed directly by those contractors.
(c) Copies of board data on magnetic tapes, or extractions of data from Board data tapes, will be made by the National Archives and Records Service (NARS) of the General Services Administration or by computer service bureaus.
(1) The Director, Bureau of Accounts and Statistics, furnishes many public records and documents contained on magnetic tape to NARS. Initial requests for data should be made directly to the Machine Readable Archives Division, National Archives and Records Services, General Services Administration, Washington, D.C. 20408, with the applicant directly reimbursing NARS for its copying or data extraction charges. When NARS does not have the requested data, the Director, Bureau of Accounts and Statistics, upon written request, will furnish the tapes for a reasonable length of time to a computer service bureau chosen by the applicant subject to the Director's approval. The computer service bureau shall assume the liability for the cost of replacing any tape that may be damaged or destroyed by it.
(2) The fee for data copying by NARS will be determined by NARS.
(3) The fee for data copying by a computer service bureau shall be established by agreement between the requesting party and the computer service bureau.
(d) Where the Board's fee for service requested will exceed $100, the service will not be performed until payment has been received. In such cases, the requester will be notified promptly of the amount of the fee, and the requested service will be performed as expeditiously as practicable following receipt of payment.
(e) Applications for waivers or modifications of any fees required to be paid to the Board under this section may be filed in accordance with the following:
(1) Each applicant shall set forth briefly and succinctly the relief that it seeks and the reasons why such relief should be granted. Waivers or modifications of stated fees shall be granted only where it is demonstrated that such action is in the public interest because furnishing of the information requested can be considered as primarily benefiting the general public.
(2) Applications requesting waivers or modifications of fees under this section shall be addressed to the Managing Director, who has been delegated authority by the Board to decide such applications in § 385.12 of this chapter, and shall accompany the request for service under this section.
(3) The Managing Director shall either rule on the application or, at his discretion, pass the matter on to the Board for its determination. In acting upon such applications the Managing Director and the Board, where applicable, shall be guided by the procedures and requirements of § 310.9(d) of this chapter.
(4) A decision by either the Managing Director or the Board pursuant to paragraph (d)(3) of this section is final and will not be subject to petitions for reconsideration.
[OR-94, 40 FR 7242, Feb. 19, 1975, as amended by OR-131, 43 FR 38574, Aug. 29, 1978]