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§ 60.9
Additional responsibilities of the sponsor.
(a) The sponsor must allow the NSPM upon request to inspect the FSTD as soon as practicable. This inspection may include all records and documents relating to the FSTD, to determine its compliance with this part.
(b) The sponsor must do the following for each FSTD:
(1) Establish a mechanism to receive written comments regarding the FSTD and its operation in accordance with the QPS appendix E of this part.
(2) Post in or adjacent to the FSTD the Statement of Qualification issued by the NSPM. An electronic copy of the Statement of Qualification that may be accessed by an appropriate terminal or display in or adjacent to the FSTD is satisfactory.
(c) Each sponsor of an FSTD must identify to the NSPM by name, one individual to be the management representative (MR).
(1) One person may serve as an MR for more than one FSTD, but one FSTD must not have more than one person serving in this capacity.
(2) Each MR must be an employee of the sponsor with the responsibility and authority to—
(i) Monitor the on-going qualification of assigned FSTDs to ensure that all matters regarding FSTD qualification are being carried out as provided for in this part;
(ii) Ensure that the QMS is properly established, implemented, and maintained by overseeing the structure (and modifying where necessary) of the QMS policies, practices, and procedures; and
(iii) Regularly brief sponsor's management on the status of the on-going FSTD qualification program and the effectiveness and efficiency of the QMS.
(3) The MR serves as the primary contact point for all matters between the sponsor and the NSPM regarding the qualification of that FSTD as provided for in this part.
(4) The MR may delegate the duties described in paragraph (c)(2) and (c)(3) of this section to an individual at each of the sponsor's locations.