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§ 385.31
Petitions for review.
(a) Time for filing. Petitions for review shall be filed and served within seven (7) days after the date of the staff action to which they relate, but a different period may be fixed in such staff action consistent with effective preservation of the right to petition for discretionary review and the exigencies of the situation.
(b) Contents. Petitions for review shall demonstrate that (1) a finding of material fact is clearly erroneous; (2) a legal conclusion is contrary to law, Department rules, or precedent; (3) a substantial and important question of policy is involved; (4) a prejudicial procedural error has occurred; or (5) the staff action is substantially deficient on its face. The petition shall briefly and specifically state the alleged grounds for review and the relief sought. If persons who participated at the staff action level set forth any new facts, arguments, or other new matter, an explanation must be furnished as to why said matter was not previously adduced at the staff action level. In the absence of a valid explanation, the Department may disregard such new matter.
(c) Form and filing. Petitions shall comply with the form and filing requirements of §§ 302.3 and 302.4 of this chapter. (Rules of practice in Economic Proceedings). Petitions shall not exceed 10 pages in length. A greater length, however, may be specified in the staff action taken. The petitions shall be accompanied by proof of required service. However, persons who seek review of a civil penalty proposed by the Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings pursuant to § 385.15(a) may submit their request therefor by letter to the Department with a copy to the Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings and need not comply with the above form and filing requirements.
(d) Service. A petition filed by a person other than the applicant shall be served on the applicant. Petitions shall also be served on any persons who have served documents on the petitioner at the staff action level; and on such other persons as may be directed by the Department or the staff member who took the action to be reviewed.
(e) Answers. The applicant and such other persons as disclose a substantial interest which would be adversely affected by the relief sought in the petition may, within seven (7) days after filing the petition, file an answer thereto. A different period for the filing of answers may be fixed in the staff action. Such answers shall comply with the form and filing requirements applicable to petitions and shall be served on the applicant and any other person who has theretofore served a document in the matter on such respondent.
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