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§ 221.150
Method of giving power of attorney.
(a) Prescribed form of power of attorney. A power of attorney prepared in accordance with a form acceptable to the Office of International Aviation shall be used by a carrier to give authority to an agent and (in the case of the agent being an individual) such agent's alternate to issue and file with the Department tariffs which contain local or joint fares or charges, including provisions governing such fares or charges, applicable via and for account of such carrier. Agents may be only natural persons or corporations (other than incorporated associations of air carriers). The authority conferred in a power of attorney may not be delegated to any other person.
(b) Designation of tariff issuing person by corporate agent. When a corporation has been appointed as agent it shall forward to the Department a certified excerpt of the minutes of the meeting of its Board of Directors designating by name and title the person responsible for issuing tariffs and filing them with the Department. Only one such person may be designated by a corporate agent, and the title of such designee shall not contain the word “Agent”. When such a designee is replaced the Department shall be immediately notified in like manner of his successor. An officer or employee of an incorporated tariff-publishing agent may not be authorized to act as tariff agent in his/her individual capacity. Every tariff issued by a corporate agent shall be issued in its name as agent.
(c) Number of copies. Each power of attorney shall be prepared in triplicate. The original of each power of attorney shall be filed with the Department, the duplicate thereof shall be given to the agent in whose favor the power of attorney is issued, and the third copy shall be retained by the carrier who issued the power of attorney.
(d) Conflicting authority prohibited. In giving powers of attorney, carriers shall not give authority to two or more agents which, if used, would result in conflicting or duplicate tariff provisions.