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§ 205.6
Prohibited exclusions of coverage.
(a) No warranty or exclusion in the policy or plan or in any endorsement or amendment to the policy or plan, nor any violation of the policy or plan by the carrier, shall remove the liability coverage required by this part, except as specifically approved by the Department. This requirement shall not limit the right of insurers to recover from the carrier for amounts paid.
(b) A policy of insurance or a self-insurance plan required by this part shall not contain the following exclusions:
(1) Violation of any safety-related requirement imposed by statute or by rule of a government agency.
(2) Liability assumed by the carrier under an agreement to raise the liability limitations of the Warsaw Convention by signing a counterpart to the agreement of carriers (such as the Montreal Agreement, 18900, as approved by Board Order E-23680, May 13, 1966, agreeing to a limit on the carrier's liability for injury or death of passengers of $75,000 per passenger), or any amendment to such agreement that may be approved by the Department and to which the carrier becomes a party.
[ER-1253, 46 FR 52577, Oct. 27, 1981, as amended by Doc. No. 47939, 57 FR 40100, 40101, Sept. 2, 1992]