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§ 25.1431
Electronic equipment.
(a) In showing compliance with § 25.1309 (a) and (b) with respect to radio and electronic equipment and their installations, critical environmental conditions must be considered.
(b) Radio and electronic equipment must be supplied with power under the requirements of § 25.1355(c).
(c) Radio and electronic equipment, controls, and wiring must be installed so that operation of any one unit or system of units will not adversely affect the simultaneous operation of any other radio or electronic unit, or system of units, required by this chapter.
(d) Electronic equipment must be designed and installed such that it does not cause essential loads to become inoperative as a result of electrical power supply transients or transients from other causes.
[Doc. No. 5066, 29 FR 18291, Dec. 24, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 25-113, 69 FR 12530, Mar. 16, 2004]