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§ 417.123
Computing systems and software.
(a) A launch operator must document a system safety process that identifies the hazards and assesses the risks to public health and safety and the safety of property related to computing systems and software.
(b) A launch operator must identify all safety-critical functions associated with its computing systems and software. Safety-critical computing system and software functions must include the following:
(1) Software used to control or monitor safety-critical systems.
(2) Software that transmits safety-critical data, including time-critical data and data about hazardous conditions.
(3) Software used for fault detection in safety-critical computer hardware or software.
(4) Software that responds to the detection of a safety-critical fault.
(5) Software used in a flight safety system.
(6) Processor-interrupt software associated with previously designated safety-critical computer system functions.
(7) Software that computes safety-critical data.
(8) Software that accesses safety-critical data.
(9) Software used for wind weighting.
(c) A launch operator must conduct computing system and software hazard analyses for the integrated system.
(d) A launch operator must develop and implement computing system and software validation and verification plans.
(e) A launch operator must develop and implement software development plans, including descriptions of the following:
(1) Coding standards used;
(2) Configuration control;
(3) Programmable logic controllers;
(4) Policy on use of any commercial-off-the-shelf software; and
(5) Policy on software reuse.