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§ 152.113
Application requirements: Airport planning.
(a) Application for Federal assistance. An eligible sponsor or planning agency that desires to obtain Federal aid for eligible airport master planning or airport system planning must submit an application for Federal assistance, on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Administrator, to the appropriate FAA Airports District Office or Airports Field Office having jurisdiction over the area where the sponsor or planning agency is located or, where there is no such office, the Regional Office having that jurisdiction.
(b) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, the application required by paragraph (a) of this section must be accompanied by the following:
(1) Any comments or statements required by appendix E, Procedures Implementing Office of Management and Budget Circular A-95, to this part.
(2) Budget (project costs) information subdivided into the following functions, as appropriate, and the basis for computation of these costs:
(i) Third party contracts.
(ii) Sponsor force account costs.
(iii) Administrative costs.
(3) A program narrative describing the proposed planning project including—
(i) The objective;
(ii) The results and benefits expected;
(iii) A Work Statement including—
(A) A detailed description of each work element;
(B) A list of each organization, consultant, and key individual who will work on the planning project, and the nature of the contribution of each; and
(C) A proposed schedule of work accomplishment; and
(iv) The geographic location of the airport or the boundaries of the planning area.
(4) If the sponsor proposes to accomplish the project with its own forces or those of another public or planning agency—
(i) An assurance that adequate, competent personnel are available to satisfactorily accomplish the proposed planning project, and
(ii) A description of the qualifications of the key personnel.
(5) If cosponsors are not willing to assume, jointly, and severally, the obligations imposed on them by this part and the grant agreement, a statement satisfactory to the Administrator indicating—
(i) The responsibilities of each sponsor with respect to the accomplishment of the proposed project;
(ii) The obligations each will assume to the United States; and
(iii) The name of the sponsor or sponsors who will accept, receipt for, and disburse grant payments.
(6) The assurances on Civil Rights required by § 21.7 of the Regulations of the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (49 CFR 21.7).
(7) The applicable assurances required by appendix D of this part.
(c) Additional documentation. The Administrator may request additional documentation as needed to support a master plan or system plan, or to comply with other Federal and local requirements as they pertain to the requested plan.
(Secs. 303, 307, 308, 312, and 313, Federal Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1344, 1348, 1349, 1353, and 1354); sec. 6(c), Dept. of Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 1655(c)); Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970, as amended (49 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.); sec. 1.47(f)(1), Regulations of the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (49 CFR 1.47(1)); OMB Circular A-95, Revised (41 FR 2052; Jan. 13, 1976))
[Doc. No. 19430, 45 FR 34784, May 22, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 152-13, 46 FR 30809, June 11, 1981]