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§ 125.297
Approval of flight simulators and flight training devices.
(a) Flight simulators and flight training devices approved by the Administrator may be used in training, testing, and checking required by this subpart.
(b) Each flight simulator and flight training device that is used in training, testing, and checking required under this subpart must be used in accordance with an approved training course conducted by a training center certificated under part 142 of this chapter, or meet the following requirements:
(1) It must be specifically approved for—
(i) The certificate holder;
(ii) The type airplane and, if applicable, the particular variation within type for which the check is being conducted; and
(iii) The particular maneuver, procedure, or crewmember function involved.
(2) It must maintain the performance, functional, and other characteristics that are required for approval.
(3) It must be modified to conform with any modification to the airplane being simulated that changes the performance, functional, or other characteristics required for approval.
[Doc. No. 19779, 45 FR 67235, Oct. 9, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 125-27, 61 FR 34561, July 2, 1996]