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§ 49.53
Eligibility for recording: general requirements.
(a) A conveyance is eligible for recording under this subpart only if, in addition to the requirements of §§ 49.11, 49.13, and 49.17, the following requirements are met:
(1) It affects any aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or spare part, maintained by or on behalf of an air carrier certificated under 49 U.S.C. 44705;
(2) It contains or is accompanied by a statement by the air carrier certificated under that section;
(3) It specifically describes the location or locations of each aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or spare part covered by it; and
(4) It is accompanied by the recording fee required by § 49.15, but there is no fee for recording a conveyance named in § 49.51(c).
(b) The conveyance need only describe generally, by type, the engines, propellers, appliances, or spare parts covered by it.
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