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§ 296.10
Exemption from the Statute.
(a) Indirect cargo air carriers are exempted from the provisions of the Statute only if and so long as they comply with the provisions of this part and its conditions, and to the extent necessary to permit them to organize and arrange their air freight shipments to provide indirect air transportation, except for the following sections:
(1) Section 41510(b) (solicitation of rebates). However, indirect cargo air carriers are exempt from section 41510(b) to the extent necessary to permit them to solicit, accept, or receive fees from direct air carriers.
(2) Section 41702 to the extent required to provide safe service, equipment, and facilities in connection with air transportation.
(3) Section 41310 (nondiscrimination) with respect to foreign air transportation.
(4) Section 41708 (accounts, records, and reports) and section 41709 (inspection of accounts and property);
(5) Section 41712 (unfair or deceptive practices or method of competition);
(6) Section 40102(b) (form of control); and
(7) Section 41711 (inquiry into air carrier management).
(b) -(c) [Reserved]
(d) Direct air carriers are exempted from Chapter 415 of the Statute to the extent necessary to permit them to pay, directly or indirectly, fees to indirect cargo air carriers.
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