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§ 151.39
Project eligibility.
(a) A project for construction or land acquisition may not be approved under subparts B and C unless—
(1) It is an item of airport development described in § 151.35(a);
(2) The airport development is within the scope of the current National Airport Plan;
(3) The airport development is, in the opinion of the Administrator, reasonably necessary to provide a needed civil airport facility;
(4) The Administrator is satisfied that the project is reasonably consistent with existing plans of public agencies for the development of the area in which the airport is located and will contribute to the accomplishment of the purposes of the Federal-aid Airport Program;
(5) The Administrator is satisfied, after considering the pertinent information including the sponsor's statements required by § 151.26(b), that—
(i) Fair consideration has been given to the interest of all communities in or near which the project is located; and
(ii) Adequate replacement housing that is open to all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, is available and has been offered on the same nondiscriminatory basis to persons who have resided on land physically acquired or to be acquired for the project development and have been or will be displaced thereby;
(6) The project provides for installing such of the landing aids specified in section 10(d) of the Federal Airport Act (49 U.S.C. 1109(d)) as the Administrator considers are needed for the safe and efficient use of the airport by aircraft, based on the category of the airport and the type and volume of its traffic.
(b) Only the following kinds of airport development described in § 151.35(a) are eligible to be included in a project under subparts B and C:
(1) Preparing all or part of an airport site, including clearing, grubbing filling and grading.
(2) Dredging of seaplane anchorages and channels.
(3) Drainage work, on or off the airport or airport site.
(4) Constructing, altering, or repairing airport buildings or parts thereof to the extent that it is covered by § 151.35(a).
(5) Constructing, altering, or repairing runways, taxiways, and aprons, including—
(i) Bituminous resurfacing of pavements with a minimum of 100 pounds of plant-mixed material for each square yard;
(ii) Applying bituminous surface treatment on a pavement (in accordance with FAA Specification P-609), the existing surface of which consists of that kind of surface treatment; and
(iii) Resealing a runway that has been substantially extended or partially reconstructed, if that resealing is necessary for the uniform color and appearance of the runway.
(6) Fencing, erosion control, seeding and sodding of an airport or airport site.
(7) Installing, altering, or repairing airport markers and runway, taxiway and apron lighting facilities and equipment.
(8) Constructing, altering, or repairing entrance roads and airport service roads.
(9) Constructing, installing, or connecting utilities, either on or off the airport or airport site.
(10) Removing, lowering, relocating marking, or lighting any airport hazard.
(11) Clearing, grading, and filling to allow the installing of landing aids.
(12) Relocating structures, roads, and utilities necessary to allow eligible airport development.
(13) Acquiring land or an interest therein, or any easement through or other interest in airspace, when necessary to—
(i) Allow other airport development to be made, whether or not a part of the Federal-aid Airport Program;
(ii) Prevent or limit the establishment of airport hazards;
(iii) Allow the removal, lowering, relocation, marking, and lighting of existing airport hazards;
(iv) Allow the installing of landing aids; or
(v) Allow the proper use, operation, maintenance, and management of the airport as a public facility.
(14) Any other airport development described in § 151.35(a) that is specifically approved by the Administrator.
For the purposes of paragraph (b)(10) of this section, an airport hazard is any structure or object of natural growth located on or in the vicinity of a public airport, or any use of land in the vicinity of the airport, that obstructs the airspace needed for the landing or takeoff of aircraft or is otherwise hazardous to the landing or takeoff of aircraft. For the purposes of paragraph (b)(13) of this section, land acquisition includes the acquiring of land that is already developed as a private airport and the structures, fixtures, and improvements that are a part of realty (other than hangars, other ineligible structures and parts thereof, fixtures, and improvements).
(c) A project for acquiring land that has been or will be donated to the sponsor is not eligible for inclusion in the Federal-aid Airport Program, unless the project also includes other items of airport development that would require a sponsor's contribution equal to or more than the United States share of the value of the donated land as appraised by the Administrator.
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