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§ 460.7
Operator training of crew.
(a) Implementation of training. An operator must train each member of its crew and define standards for successful completion in accordance with § 460.5.
(b) Training device fidelity. An operator must
(1) Ensure that any crew-training device used to meet the training requirements realistically represents the vehicle's configuration and mission, or
(2) Inform the crew member being trained of the differences between the two.
(c) Maintenance of training records. An operator must continually update the crew training to ensure that it incorporates lessons learned from training and operational missions. An operator must—
(1) Track each revision and update in writing; and
(2) Document the completed training for each crew member and maintain the documentation for each active crew member.
(d) Current qualifications and training. An operator must establish a recurrent training schedule and ensure that all crew qualifications and training required by § 460.5 are current before launch and reentry.