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§ 26.49
Compliance plan.
(a) Compliance plan. Except for applicants for type certificates and supplemental type certificates whose applications are submitted after January 11, 2008, each person identified in §§ 26.43, 26.45, and 26.47, must submit a compliance plan consisting of the following:
(1) A project schedule identifying all major milestones for meeting the compliance times specified in §§ 26.43(f), 26.45(e), and 26.47(e), as applicable.
(2) A proposed means of compliance with §§ 26.43, 26.45, and 26.47, as applicable.
(3) A plan for submitting a draft of all compliance items required by this subpart for review by the FAA Oversight Office not less than 60 days before the applicable compliance date.
(b) Compliance dates for compliance plans. The following persons must submit the compliance plan described in paragraph (a) of this section to the FAA Oversight Office for approval on the following schedule:
(1) For holders of type certificates, no later than 90 days after January 11, 2008.
(2) For holders of supplemental type certificates no later than 180 days after January 11, 2008.
(3) For applicants for changes to type certificates whose application are submitted before January 11, 2008, no later than 180 days after January 11, 2008.
(c) Compliance Plan Implementation. Each affected person must implement the compliance plan as approved in compliance with paragraph (a) of this section.