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§ 25.1143
Engine controls.
(a) There must be a separate power or thrust control for each engine.
(b) Power and thrust controls must be arranged to allow—
(1) Separate control of each engine; and
(2) Simultaneous control of all engines.
(c) Each power and thrust control must provide a positive and immediately responsive means of controlling its engine.
(d) For each fluid injection (other than fuel) system and its controls not provided and approved as part of the engine, the applicant must show that the flow of the injection fluid is adequately controlled.
(e) If a power or thrust control incorporates a fuel shutoff feature, the control must have a means to prevent the inadvertent movement of the control into the shutoff position. The means must—
(1) Have a positive lock or stop at the idle position; and
(2) Require a separate and distinct operation to place the control in the shutoff position.
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