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Pt. 151, App. D
Appendix D to Part 151
There is set forth below an itemization of typical eligible and ineligible items of taxiway paving as covered by § 151.81 of this chapter:

Typical Eligible Items

1. Basic types of pavement listed as eligible under § 151.77.
2. Taxiway providing access to ends and intermediate points of eligible runways.
3. Bleed-off taxiways.
4. Bypass taxiways.
5. Run-up pads.
6. Primary taxiway systems providing access to hangar areas and other building areas delineated on approved airport layout plan.
7. Secondary taxiways providing access to groups of individual storage hangars and/or multiple-unit tee hangars.

Typical Ineligible Items

1. Basic types of pavement listed as ineligible under § 151.77.
2. Taxiways providing access to an area not offering aircraft storage and/or service to the public.
3. Lead-ins to individual storage hangars.
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