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§ 431.79
Reusable launch vehicle mission reporting requirements.
(a) Not less than 60 days before each RLV mission conducted under a license, a licensee shall provide the FAA with the following information:
(1) Payload information in accordance with 14 CFR § 415.59 of this chapter and § 431.57; and
(2) Flight information, including the vehicle, launch site, planned launch and reentry flight path, and intended landing sites including contingency abort sites.
(3) Launch or reentry waivers, approved or pending, from a Federal range from which the launch or reentry will take place, that are unique and may affect public safety.
(b) Not later than 15 days before each licensed RLV mission, a licensee must notify the FAA, in writing, of the time and date of the intended launch and reentry or other landing on Earth of the RLV and may utilize the FAA/U.S. Space Command Launch Notification Form, contained in part 415, Appendix A, of this subchapter for doing so.
(c) A licensee must report a launch accident, launch incident, reentry accident, reentry incident, or other mishap immediately to the FAA Washington Operations Center and provide a written preliminary report in the event of a launch accident, launch incident, reentry accident, or reentry incident, in accordance with the mishap investigation and emergency response plan submitted as part of its license application under § 431.45.
[Docket No. FAA-1999-5535, 65 FR 56658, Sept. 19, 2000, as amended by Amdt. No. 431-5, 81 FR 59440, Aug. 30, 2016]