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§ 5.21
Safety policy.
(a) The certificate holder must have a safety policy that includes at least the following:
(1) The safety objectives of the certificate holder.
(2) A commitment of the certificate holder to fulfill the organization's safety objectives.
(3) A clear statement about the provision of the necessary resources for the implementation of the SMS.
(4) A safety reporting policy that defines requirements for employee reporting of safety hazards or issues.
(5) A policy that defines unacceptable behavior and conditions for disciplinary action.
(6) An emergency response plan that provides for the safe transition from normal to emergency operations in accordance with the requirements of § 5.27.
(b) The safety policy must be signed by the accountable executive described in § 5.25.
(c) The safety policy must be documented and communicated throughout the certificate holder's organization.
(d) The safety policy must be regularly reviewed by the accountable executive to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the certificate holder.