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§ 440.11
Duration of coverage for licensed launch, including suborbital launch, or permitted activities; modifications.
(a) Insurance coverage required under § 440.9, or other form of financial responsibility, shall attach when a licensed launch or permitted activity starts, and remain in full force and effect as follows:
(1) Until completion of licensed launch or permitted activities at a launch or reentry site; and
(2) For orbital launch, until the later of—
(i) Thirty days following payload separation, or attempted payload separation in the event of a payload separation anomaly; or
(ii) Thirty days from ignition of the launch vehicle.
(3) For a suborbital launch, until the later of—
(i) Motor impact and payload recovery; or
(ii) The FAA's determination that risk to third parties and Government property as a result of licensed launch or permitted activities is sufficiently small that financial responsibility is no longer necessary. That determination is made through the risk analysis conducted before the launch to determine MPL and specified in a license or permit order.
(b) Financial responsibility required under this part may not be replaced, canceled, changed, withdrawn, or in any way modified to reduce the limits of liability or the extent of coverage, nor expire by its own terms, prior to the time specified in a license or permit order, unless the FAA is notified at least 30 days in advance and expressly approves the modification.