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§ 294.30
Scope of service and equipment authorized.
(a) Upon fulfillment of the requirements of § 294.3 of this part, the registrant will have Department authority to engage in charter air services between any point or points in Canada and any point or points in the United States using small aircraft.
(b) Nothing in this part shall be construed as authorizing the operation of large aircraft in charter air service, and the exemption provided by this part to Canadian charter air taxi operators that register with the Department extends only to the direct operations of charter air service in accordance with the limitations and conditions of this part using aircraft designed to have:
(1) A maximum passenger capacity of no more than 30 seats and a maximum payload capacity of no more than 7,500 pounds, and/or
(2) A maximum authorized takeoff weight on wheels not greater than 35,000 pounds.
(c) A Canadian charter air taxi operator shall not use large aircraft for charter air service until it has been granted a permit by the Department under section 41302 of the Statute or granted an exemption under section 41701 of the Statute. Its application for such a permit or exemption should refer to the registration under this part. Registration under this part will be canceled when a section 41302 permit has been granted by the Department for the use of large aircraft in foreign charter air service.
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