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§ 121.93
Route requirements: General.
(a) Each certificate holder conducting domestic or flag operations seeking a route approval must show—
(1) That it is able to conduct satisfactorily scheduled operations between each regular, provisional, and refueling airport over that route or route segment; and
(2) That the facilities and services required by §§ 121.97 through 121.107 are available and adequate for the proposed operation.
The Administrator approves a route outside of controlled airspace if he determines that traffic density is such that an adequate level of safety can be assured.
(b) Paragraph (a) of this section does not require actual flight over a route or route segment if the certificate holder shows that the flight is not essential to safety, considering the availability and adequacy of airports, lighting, maintenance, communication, navigation, fueling, ground, and airplane radio facilities, and the ability of the personnel to be used in the proposed operation.
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