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§ 302.311
Emergency exemptions.
(a) Shortened procedures. When required by the circumstances and consistent with the public interest, the Department may take action, without notice, on exemption applications prior to the expiration of the normal period for filing answers and replies. When required in a particular proceeding, the Department may specify a lesser time for the filing of answers and replies, and notify interested persons of this time period.
(b) (1) Applications. Applications for emergency exemption need not conform to the requirements of this subpart or of subpart A of this part (except as provided in this section and in § 302.303(d) concerning emergency cabotage requests). However, an application for emergency exemption must normally be in writing and must state in detail the facts and evidence that support the application, the grounds for the exemption, and the public interest basis for the authority sought. In addition, the application shall state specific reasons that justify departure from the normal exemption application procedures. The application shall also identify those persons notified as required by paragraph (c) of this section. The Department may require additional information from any applicant before acting on an application.
(2) Oral requests. The Department will consider oral requests, including telephone requests, for emergency exemption authority under this section in circumstances that do not permit the immediate filing of a written application. All oral requests must, however, provide the information required in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, except that actual evidence in support of the application need not be tendered when the request is made. All oral requests must be confirmed by written application, together with all supporting evidence, within three (3) business days of the original request.
(c) Notice. Except when the Department decides that no notice need be given, applicants for emergency exemption shall notify, as appropriate, those persons specified in § 302.304(b) of this subpart. Such notification shall be made in the same manner, contain the same information, and be dispatched at the same time, as the application made to the Department.