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§ 431.73
Continuing accuracy of license application; application for modification of license.
(a) A licensee is responsible for the continuing accuracy of representations contained in its application for the entire term of the license.
(b) After a license has been issued, a licensee must apply to the FAA for modification of the license if—
(1) The licensee proposes to conduct an RLV mission or perform a safety-critical operation in a manner not authorized by the license; or
(2) Any representation contained in the license application that is material to public health and safety or the safety of property is no longer accurate and complete or does not reflect the licensee's procedures governing the actual conduct of an RLV mission. A change is material to public health and safety or the safety of property if it alters or affects the—
(i) Mission rules, procedures, checklists, emergency plans, and contingency abort plans, if any, submitted in accordance with § 431.39
(ii) Class of payload;
(iii) Type of RLV;
(iv) Any safety-critical system;
(v) Type and container of the hazardous material carried by the vehicle;
(vi) Flight trajectory;
(vii) Launch site or reentry site or other landing location; or
(viii) Any safety system, policy, procedure, requirement, criteria, or standard.
(c) An application to modify an RLV mission license must be prepared and submitted in accordance with part 413 of this chapter. The licensee must indicate any part of its license or license application that would be changed or affected by a proposed modification.
(d) The FAA reviews determinations and approvals required by this chapter to determine whether they remain valid after submission of a proposed modification.
(e) Upon approval of a modification, the FAA issues either a written approval to the licensee or a license order amending the license if a stated term or condition of the license is changed, added, or deleted. An approval has the full force and effect of a license order and is part of the licensing record.