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§ 151.72
Incorporation by reference of technical guidelines in Advisory Circulars.
(a) Provisions incorporated; mandatory standards. The technical guidelines in the Advisory Circulars, or parts of Circulars, listed in appendix I of this part, are incorporated into this subpart by reference. Guidelines so incorporated are mandatory standards and apply in addition to the other standards in this subpart. No provision so incorporated and made mandatory supersedes any provision of this part 151 (other than of App. I) or of any other part of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Each Circular is incorporated with all amendments outstanding at any time unless the entry in appendix I of this part states otherwise.
(b) Amendments of Appendix I. The Director, Airports Service, may add to, or delete from, appendix I of this part any Advisory Circular or part thereof.
(c) Availability of Advisory Circulars. The Advisory Circulars listed in appendix I of this part may be inspected and copied at any FAA Regional Office, Area Office, or Airports District Office. Copies of the Circulars that are available free of charge may be obtained from any of the offices or from the Federal Aviation Administration, Printing Branch, HQ-438, Washington, D.C. 20553. Copies of the Circulars that are for sale may be bought from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402 for the price listed.
[Amdt. 151-13, 31 FR 11605, Sept. 2, 1966, as amended by Doc. No. 8084, 32 FR 5769, Apr. 11, 1967]