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§ 302.706
(a) If a hearing is ordered under § 302.705, the issues at such hearing shall be formulated in accordance with the instituting order, except that at a prehearing conference, the administrative law judge may permit the parties to raise such additional issues as he or she deems necessary to make a full determination of a fair and reasonable rate.
(b) (1) The parties to the proceeding shall be the air carrier or carriers for whom rates are to be fixed, the U.S. Postal Service, the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings and any other person whom the DOT decisionmaker or administrative law judge permits to intervene in accordance with § 302.20.
(2) In addition to participation in hearings in accordance with § 302.19, persons other than parties may, within the time fixed for filing an answer to an order to show cause as provided in § 302.704, submit a memorandum of opposition to, or in support of, the position taken in the petition or order. Such memorandum shall not be received as evidence in the proceeding.
(c) All direct evidence shall be in writing and shall be filed in exhibit form within the times specified by the DOT decisionmaker or by the administrative law judge.
(d) Except as modified by this subpart, the provisions of §§ 302.17 through 302.38 of this part shall apply.