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§ 135.229
Airport requirements.
(a) No certificate holder may use any airport unless it is adequate for the proposed operation, considering such items as size, surface, obstructions, and lighting.
(b) No pilot of an aircraft carrying passengers at night may takeoff from, or land on, an airport unless—
(1) That pilot has determined the wind direction from an illuminated wind direction indicator or local ground communications or, in the case of takeoff, that pilot's personal observations; and
(2) The limits of the area to be used for landing or takeoff are clearly shown—
(i) For airplanes, by boundary or runway marker lights;
(ii) For helicopters, by boundary or runway marker lights or reflective material.
(c) For the purpose of paragraph (b) of this section, if the area to be used for takeoff or landing is marked by flare pots or lanterns, their use must be approved by the Administrator.