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§ 243.15
Conflict with foreign laws.
(a) If a covered airline obtains a waiver in the manner described in this section, it will not be required to solicit, collect or transmit information under this part in countries where such solicitation or collection would violate applicable foreign law, but only to the extent it is established by the carrier that such solicitation or collection would violate applicable foreign law.
(b) Covered airlines that claim that such solicitation, collection or transmission would violate applicable foreign law in certain foreign countries shall file a petition requesting a waiver in the Docket Facility, on or before October 1, 1998, or on or before beginning service between that country and United States. Such petition shall include copies of the pertinent foreign law, as well as a certified translation, and shall include opinions of appropriate legal experts setting forth the basis for the conclusion that collection would violate such foreign law. Statements from foreign governments on the application of their laws will also be accepted.
(c) The U.S. Department of Transportation will notify the covered airline of the extent to which it has been satisfactorily established that compliance with all or part of the data collection requirements of this part would constitute a violation of foreign law.
(d) The U.S. Department of Transportation will maintain an up-to-date listing in OST Docket 98-3305 of countries where adherence to all or a portion of this part is not required because of a conflict with applicable foreign law.
[Doc. No. OST-95-950, 63 FR 8280, Feb. 18, 1998; 63 FR 9413, Feb. 25, 1998]