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§ 302.208
Petitions for oral presentation or judge's decision.
(a) Any person may file a petition for oral evidentiary hearing, oral argument, an initial or recommended decision, or any combination of these. Petitions shall demonstrate that one or more of the criteria set forth in § 302.207 are applicable to the issues for which an oral presentation or judge's decision is requested. Such petitions shall be supported by a detailed explanation of the following:
(1) Why the evidence or argument to be presented cannot be submitted in the form of written evidence or briefs;
(2) Which issues should be examined by an administrative law judge and why such issues should not be presented directly to the DOT decisionmaker for decision;
(3) An estimate of the time required for the oral presentation and the number of witnesses whom the petitioner would present; and
(4) If cross-examination of any witness is desired, the name of the witness, if known, the subject matter of the desired cross-examination or the title or number of the exhibit to be cross-examined, what the petitioner expects to establish by the cross-examination, and an estimate of the time needed for it.
(b) Petitions for an oral hearing, oral argument, or an administrative law judge's decision shall be filed no later than the due date for answers in proceedings governed by §§ 302.211, 302.212 and 302.213, and be accompanied with the information specified in paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section. Filing of the information required in paragraphs (a)(3) and (a)(4) of this section may be deferred until the DOT decisionmaker has decided to hold a formal proceeding.
(c) Where a stipulation of disputed facts would eliminate the need for an oral presentation or an administrative law judge's decision, parties shall include in their petitions an offer to withdraw the request should the stipulation be made.