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§ 21.605
(a) Each applicant for or holder of a TSO authorization must provide the FAA with a document—
(1) Describing how its organization will ensure compliance with the provisions of this subpart;
(2) Describing assigned responsibilities, delegated authorities, and the functional relationship of those responsible for quality to management and other organizational components; and
(3) Identifying an accountable manager.
(b) The accountable manager specified in paragraph (a) of this section must be responsible within the applicant's or production approval holder's organization for, and have authority over, all production operations conducted under this part. The accountable manager must confirm that the procedures described in the quality manual required by § 21.608 are in place and that the production approval holder satisfies the requirements of the applicable regulations of subchapter C, Aircraft. The accountable manager must serve as the primary contact with the FAA.
[Doc. No. FAA-2013-0933, Amdt. 21-98, 80 FR 59032, Oct. 1, 2015]