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§ 141.93
(a) The holder of a pilot school certificate or a provisional pilot school certificate must, at the time a student is enrolled in an approved training course, furnish that student with a copy of the following:
(1) A certificate of enrollment containing—
(i) The name of the course in which the student is enrolled; and
(ii) The date of that enrollment.
(2) A copy of the student's training syllabus.
(3) Except for a training course offered through an internet based medium, a copy of the safety procedures and practices developed by the school that describe the use of the school's facilities and the operation of its aircraft. Those procedures and practices shall include training on at least the following information—
(i) The weather minimums required by the school for dual and solo flights;
(ii) The procedures for starting and taxiing aircraft on the ramp;
(iii) Fire precautions and procedures;
(iv) Redispatch procedures after unprogrammed landings, on and off airports;
(v) Aircraft discrepancies and approval for return-to-service determinations;
(vi) Securing of aircraft when not in use;
(vii) Fuel reserves necessary for local and cross-country flights;
(viii) Avoidance of other aircraft in flight and on the ground;
(ix) Minimum altitude limitations and simulated emergency landing instructions; and
(x) A description of and instructions regarding the use of assigned practice areas.
(b) The holder of a pilot school certificate or provisional pilot school certificate must maintain a monthly listing of persons enrolled in each training course offered by the school.
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