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§ 121.198
Cargo service airplanes: Increased zero fuel and landing weights.
(a) Notwithstanding the applicable structural provisions of the airworthiness regulations but subject to paragraphs (b) through (g) of this section, a certificate holder may operate (for cargo service only) any of the following airplanes (certificated under part 4b of the Civil Air Regulations effective before March 13, 1956) at increased zero fuel and landing weights—
(1) DC-6A, DC-6B, DC-7B, and DC-7C; and
(2) L1049B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, and the L1649A when modified in accordance with supplemental type certificate SA 4-1402.
(b) The zero fuel weight (maximum weight of the airplane with no disposable fuel and oil) and the structural landing weight may be increased beyond the maximum approved in full compliance with applicable regulations only if the Administrator finds that—
(1) The increase is not likely to reduce seriously the structural strength;
(2) The probability of sudden fatigue failure is not noticeably increased;
(3) The flutter, deformation, and vibration characteristics do not fall below those required by applicable regulations; and
(4) All other applicable weight limitations will be met.
(c) No zero fuel weight may be increased by more than five percent, and the increase in the structural landing weight may not exceed the amount, in pounds, of the increase in zero fuel weight.
(d) Each airplane must be inspected in accordance with the approved special inspection procedures, for operations at increased weights, established and issued by the manufacturer of the type of airplane.
(e) Each airplane operated under this section must be operated in accordance with the passenger-carrying performance operating limitations prescribed in this part.
(f) The Airplane Flight Manual for each airplane operated under this section must be appropriately revised to include the operating limitations and information needed for operation at the increased weights.
(g) Except as provided for the carrying of persons under § 121.583 each airplane operated at an increased weight under this section must, before it is used in passenger service, be inspected under the special inspection procedures for return to passenger service established and issued by the manufacturer and approved by the Administrator.