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§ 325.4
State and local participation.
(a) DOT, on a periodic basis, will send a questionnaire to each eligible point that is served by not more than one certificated air carrier, or is designated as an eligible point under section 419(b) of the Act, or for which DOT is reviewing its essential air service needs. The questionnaire will be addressed to:
(1) The chief executive of the principal city, or other unit of local government at the affected point, that is named or has been previously named in a qualifying section 401 certificate. For points in Alaska or Hawaii that are named DOT as eligible points without having been listed on a section 401 certificate, the principal city is the most populous municipality at the point;
(2) The individual or entity with direct supervision over and responsibility for the airport at the eligible point; and
(3) The State agency with jurisdiction over air transportation in the State containing the eligible point. If there is no such State agency, the questionnaire will be sent to the governor of that State.
(b) Within 60 days after receipt of the questionnaire, five copies of the response shall be filed in the Documentary Services Division, unless the Department specifies another date. If no response is received within the period, essential air service for that eligible point may temporarily be set at the minimum level prescribed in section 419(f) of the Act.
(c) Any other interested person may, during the 60-day response period, submit information relevant to the essential air service level of that eligible point by filing in the Documentary Services Division, five copies of a document titled with the name of the point involved.
(d) As necessary, the DOT may request additional information to supplement the questionnaire.
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3024-0037)