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§ 303.04
General rules governing application content, procedure and conditions of approval.
(a) Unless specifically exempted by these regulations or by an order of the Assistant Secretary, a person filing an application pursuant to § 303.03 of this part shall prepare and file the application in the manner specified in this section. The application shall also contain the information required by subpart D of this part. An application may be deemed incomplete if it is not in substantial compliance with these requirements.
(b) The parties to the transaction may file either separate applications or one joint application so long as all the information required herein is submitted for each party to the transaction. The Assistant Secretary or Administrative Law Judge, if the matter has been assigned to a judge, upon his or her initiative or upon application, may order the target company or other persons to submit some or all of the information required by this subpart, or other information under 14 CFR 302.25.
(c) Each page of the application and each document submitted with the application shall be marked with the name, initials, or some other identifying symbol of the applicant. The application shall also indicate the date of preparation and the name and corporate position of the preparer.
(d) Where the required information is in data processing equipment, on microfilm, or is otherwise not eye-readable, the applicant shall provide such information in eye-readable form.
(e) The information provided by the applicant shall be updated in a timely fashion throughout the period of consideration of the application.
(f) If any information or documents required by the applicable subpart are not available, the applicants shall file an affidavit executed by the individual responsible for the search explaining why they cannot be produced.
(g) The Assistant Secretary or the Administrative Law Judge may order any applicant to submit information in addition to that required by the applicable subpart.
(h) An applicant may withhold a document required by this part on the grounds that it is privileged, but each document so withheld shall be identified and the applicant shall supply a brief description of the nature of the document, a written statement indicating the basis of the privilege claimed, and the names of the preparers and recipients of the document. If any interested party contests the assertion of privilege, the document shall be promptly submitted to the Assistant Secretary, or the Administrative Law Judge, if the matter has been assigned to a Judge. Where appropriate, an in camera inspection may be ordered.
(i) The person submitting the application to the Department shall send a complete copy of the application to the Chief, Transportation Section, Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, at the same time as it is filed with the Documentary Services Division.
(j) The applicant shall, if requested, be responsible for expeditiously providing the application to any interested person, whether or not a party.
(k) Unless otherwise specified in this subpart, all applications shall conform generally to the requirements set forth in 14 CFR part 302, subpart A.
(l) In exceptional circumstances, the Assistant Secretary may waive or alter the procedural requirements of this part to permit a transaction to proceed on an expedited basis.
[50 FR 31142, July 31, 1985, as amended by Amdt. 302-2, 54 FR 33499, Aug. 15, 1989; 65 FR 6456, Feb. 9, 2000]