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§ 151.93
Buildings; utilities; sidewalks; parking areas; and landscaping.
(a) Only buildings or parts of buildings intended to house facilities or activities directly related to the safety of persons at the airport, including fire and rescue equipment buildings, are eligible items under the Federal-aid Airport Program. To the extent they are necessary to house snow removal and abrasive spreading equipment, and to provide minimum protection for abrasive materials, field maintenance equipment buildings are eligible items in any airport development project for an airport in a location having a mean daily minimum temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit, or less, for at least 20 days each year for the 5 years preceding the year when Federal aid is requested under § 151.21(a), based on the statistics of the U.S. Department of Commerce Weather Bureau if available, or other evidence satisfactory to the Administrator.
(b) Airport utility construction, installation, and connection are eligible under the Federal-aid Airport Program as follows:
(1) An airport utility serving only eligible areas and facilities is eligible; and
(2) An airport utility serving both eligible and ineligible airport areas and facilities is eligible only to the extent of the additional cost of providing the capacity needed for eligible areas and facilities over and above the capacity necessary for the ineligible areas and facilities.
However, a water system is eligible only to the extent necessary to provide fire protection for aircraft operations, and to provide water for a fire and rescue equipment building.
(c) No part of the constructing, altering, or repairing (including grading, drainage, and other site preparation work) of a facility or area that is to be used as a public parking facility for passenger automobiles is eligible for inclusion in a project.
(d) Landscaping is not eligible for inclusion in a project. However, the establishment of turf on graded areas and special treatment to prevent slope erosion is eligible to the extent of the eligibility of the facilities or areas served, preserved, or protected by the turf or treatment. In the case of turfing or treatment for an area or facility that is partly eligible and partly ineligible, the eligibility of the turfing or treatment is established on a pro rata basis.
(e) The construction of sidewalks is not eligible for inclusion in a project.
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