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§ 298.62
Reporting of financial data.
(a) Each commuter air carrier and each small certificated air carrier shall file BTS Form 298-C, Schedule F-1 “Report of Financial Data.” This report shall be filed quarterly as set forth in § 298.60 of this part.
(b) Each carrier shall indicate in the space provided, its full corporate name and the quarter for which the report is filed.
(c) This schedule shall be used to report financial data for the overall or system operations of the carrier. At the option of the carrier, the data may be reported in whole dollars by dropping the cents. Financial data shall be reported in the following categories:
(1) Line 1 “Total Operating Revenues” shall include gross revenues accruing from services ordinarily associated with air transportation and air transportation-related services. This category shall include revenue derived from scheduled service operations, revenue derived from nonscheduled service operations, amounts of compensation paid to the carrier under section 41732 of the Statute and other transport-related revenue such as in-flight sales, restaurant and food service (ground), rental of property or equipment, limousine service, cargo pick-up and delivery charges, and fixed-base operations involving the selling or servicing of aircraft, flying instructions, charter flights, etc.
(2) Line 2 “Total Operating Expenses” shall include expenses of a character usually and ordinarily incurred in the performance of air transporation and air transportation services. This category shall include expenses incurred: directly in the in-flight operation of aircraft; in the holding of aircraft and aircraft personnel in readiness for assignment to an in-flight status; on the ground in controlling and protecting the in-flight movement of aircraft; landing, handling or servicing aircraft on the ground; selling transportation; servicing and handling traffic; promoting the development of traffic; and administering operations generally. This category shall also include expenses which are specifically identifiable with the repair and upkeep of property and equipment used in the performance of air transportation, all depreciation and amortization expenses applicable to property and equipment used in providing air transportation services, all expenses associated with the transport-related revenues included on line 1 of this schedule, and all other expenses not specifically mentioned which are related to transport operations. Interest expense and other nonoperating expenses attributable to financing or other activities which are extraneous to and not an integral part of air transportation or its incidental services shall not be included in this category.
(3) Line 3 “Net Income or (Loss)” shall reflect all operating and nonoperating items of profit and loss recognized during the period except for prior period adjustments.
(4) Line 4 “Passenger Revenues-Scheduled Service” shall include revenue generated from the transportation of passengers between pairs of points which are served on a regularly scheduled basis.
(d) Data reported on this schedule shall be withheld from public release for a period of 3 years after the close of the calendar quarter to which the report relates.
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