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§ 171.105
Minimum requirements for approval.
(a) The following are the minimum requirements that must be met before the Federal Aviation Administration will approve an IFR procedure for a non-Federal Simplified Directional Facility:
(1) A suitable frequency channel must be available.
(2) The facility's performance, as determined by air and ground inspection, must meet the requirements of §§ 171.109 and 171.111.
(3) The installation of the equipment must meet the requirements of § 171.113.
(4) The owner must agree to operate and maintain the facility in accordance with § 171.115.
(5) The owner must agree to furnish periodic reports as set forth in § 171.117, and agree to allow the FAA to inspect the facility and its operation whenever necessary.
(6) The owner must assure the FAA that he will not withdraw the facility from service without the permission of the FAA.
(7) The owner must bear all costs of meeting the requirements of this section and of any flight or ground inspections made before the facility is commissioned, except that the FAA may bear certain of these costs subject to budgetary limitations and policy established by the Administrator.
(b) If the applicant for approval meets the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, the FAA commissions the facility as a prerequisite to its approval for use in an IFR procedure. The approval is withdrawn at any time the facility does not continue to meet those requirements. In addition, the facility is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. The Federal Aviation Administration recommends cancellation or nonrenewal of the Federal Communications Commission license whenever the frequency channel is needed for higher priority common system service.