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§ 121.408
Training equipment other than flight simulation training devices.
(a) The Administrator must approve training equipment used in a training program approved under this part and that functionally replicates aircraft equipment for the certificate holder and the crewmember duty or procedure. Training equipment does not include FSTDs qualified under part 60 of this chapter.
(b) The certificate holder must demonstrate that the training equipment described in paragraph (a) of this section, used to meet the training requirements of this subpart, meets all of the following:
(1) The form, fit, function, and weight, as appropriate, of the aircraft equipment.
(2) Replicates the normal operation (and abnormal and emergency operation, if appropriate) of the aircraft equipment including the following:
(i) The required force, actions and travel of the aircraft equipment.
(ii) Variations in aircraft equipment operated by the certificate holder, if applicable.
(3) Replicates the operation of the aircraft equipment under adverse conditions, if appropriate.
(c) Training equipment must be modified to ensure that it maintains the performance and function of the aircraft type or aircraft equipment replicated.
(d) All training equipment must have a record of discrepancies. The documenting system must be readily available for review by each instructor, check airman or supervisor, prior to conducting training or checking with that equipment.
(1) Each instructor, check airman or supervisor conducting training or checking, and each person conducting an inspection of the equipment who discovers a discrepancy, including any missing, malfunctioning or inoperative components, must record a description of that discrepancy and the date that the discrepancy was identified.
(2) All corrections to discrepancies must be recorded when the corrections are made. This record must include the date of the correction.
(3) A record of a discrepancy must be maintained for at least 60 days.
(e) No person may use, allow the use of, or offer the use of training equipment with a missing, malfunctioning, or inoperative component to meet the crewmember training or checking requirements of this chapter for tasks that require the use of the correctly operating component.
(f) Compliance with this section is required no later than March 12, 2019.
[Doc. No. FAA-2008-0677, 78 FR 67837, Nov. 12, 2013]