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§ 145.161
Records of management, supervisory, and inspection personnel.
(a) A certificated repair station must maintain and make available in a format acceptable to the FAA the following:
(1) A roster of management and supervisory personnel that includes the names of the repair station officials who are responsible for its management and the names of its supervisors who oversee maintenance functions.
(2) A roster with the names of all inspection personnel.
(3) A roster of personnel authorized to sign a maintenance release for approving a maintained or altered article for return to service.
(4) A summary of the employment of each individual whose name is on the personnel rosters required by paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(3) of this section. The summary must contain enough information on each individual listed on the roster to show compliance with the experience requirements of this part and must include the following:
(i) Present title,
(ii) Total years of experience and the type of maintenance work performed,
(iii) Past relevant employment with names of employers and periods of employment,
(iv) Scope of present employment, and
(v) The type of mechanic or repairman certificate held and the ratings on that certificate, if applicable.
(b) Within 5 business days of the change, the rosters required by this section must reflect changes caused by termination, reassignment, change in duties or scope of assignment, or addition of personnel.