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§ 431.25
Application requirements for policy review.
In its RLV mission license application, an applicant must—
(a) Identify the model, type, and configuration of any RLV proposed for launch and reentry, or otherwise landing on Earth, by the applicant.
(b) Identify all vehicle systems, including structural, thermal, pneumatic, propulsion, electrical, and avionics and guidance systems used in the vehicle(s), and all propellants.
(c) Identify foreign ownership of the applicant as follows:
(1) For a sole proprietorship or partnership, identify all foreign ownership;
(2) For a corporation, identify any foreign ownership interests of 10% or more; and
(3) For a joint venture, association, or other entity, identify any participating foreign entities.
(d) Identify proposed launch and reentry flight profile(s), including—
(1) Launch and reentry site(s), including planned contingency abort locations, if any;
(2) Flight trajectories, reentry trajectories, associated ground tracks, and instantaneous impact points for nominal operations, and contingency abort profiles, if any;
(3) Sequence of planned events or maneuvers during the mission; and for an orbital mission, the range of intermediate and final orbits of the vehicle and upper stages, if any, and their estimated orbital life times.