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§ 302.405
Responsive documents.
(a) Answers. Within fifteen (15) days after the date of service of a formal complaint, each respondent shall file an answer in conformance with and subject to the requirements of § 302.408(b). Extensions of time for filing an answer may be granted by the Assistant General Counsel for good cause shown.
(b) Offers to satisfy. A respondent in a formal complaint may offer to satisfy the complaint through submission of facts, offer of settlement or proposal of adjustment. Such offer shall be in writing and shall be served, within fifteen (15) days after service of the complaint, upon the same persons and in the same manner as an answer. The submittal of an offer to satisfy the complaint shall not excuse the filing of an answer.
(c) Motions to dismiss. Motions to dismiss a formal complaint shall not be filed prior to the filing of a notice instituting an enforcement proceeding with respect to such complaint or a portion thereof.