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§ 151.77
Runway paving: General rules.
(a) On any airport, paving of the designated instrument landing runway (or dominant runway if there is no designated instrument runway) is eligible for inclusion in a project, within the limits of the current National Airport Plan. Program participation in constructing, reconstructing or resurfacing is limited to a single runway at each airport, unless more than one runway is eligible under a standard in § 151.79 or § 151.80.
(b) The kinds of runway paving that are eligible for inclusion in a project include pavement construction and reconstruction, and include runway grooving to improve skid resistance, and resurfacing to increase the load bearing capacity of the runway or to provide a leveling course to correct major irregularities in the pavement. Runway resealing or refilling joints as an ordinary maintenance matter are not eligible items, except for bituminous resurfacing consisting of at least 100 pounds of plant-mixed material for each square yard, and except for the application of a bituminous surface treatment (two applications of material and cover aggregate as prescribed in FAA Specification P-609) on a pavement the current surface of which consists of that kind of a bituminous surface treatment.
(c) On new pavement construction, the applying of a bituminous seal coat on plant hot-mix bituminous surfaces only, is an eligible item only if initial engineering analysis and design indicate the need for a seal coat. However, any delay in applying it that is caused other than by construction difficulties, makes the application a maintenance item that is not eligible.
(d) In any case in which the need for a seal coat is necessary for a new runway extension or partial reconstruction of a runway, the entire runway may be sealed.
(e) Appendix C to this part sets forth typical eligible and ineligible items of runway paving.
(49 U.S.C. 1120)
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