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§ 35.37
Fatigue limits and evaluation.
This section does not apply to fixed-pitch wood propellers of conventional design.
(a) Fatigue limits must be established by tests, or analysis based on tests, for propeller:
(1) Hubs.
(2) Blades.
(3) Blade retention components.
(4) Components which are affected by fatigue loads and which are shown under § 35.15 to have a fatigue failure mode leading to hazardous propeller effects.
(b) The fatigue limits must take into account:
(1) All known and reasonably foreseeable vibration and cyclic load patterns that are expected in service; and
(2) Expected service deterioration, variations in material properties, manufacturing variations, and environmental effects.
(c) A fatigue evaluation of the propeller must be conducted to show that hazardous propeller effects due to fatigue will be avoided throughout the intended operational life of the propeller on either:
(1) The intended airplane by complying with § 23.2400(c) or § 25.907 of this chapter, as applicable; or
(2) A typical airplane.
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