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§ 218.5
Application for disclaimer of jurisdiction.
The parties to a lease with crew as described in § 218.3(b) may apply to the Board for an order disclaiming jurisdiction over the matter. The application shall be filed jointly by both parties to the lease, and shall generally conform to the procedural requirements of part 302, subpart A, of this chapter. It shall be served upon any air carrier providing services over all or any part of the route upon which air transportation services will be provided pursuant to the agreement. The application should set forth in detail all evidence and other factors relied upon to demonstrate that true operational control and safety responsibility for the air transportation services to be provided are in the hands of the lessee rather than the lessor. A copy of the agreement and all amendments thereof, as well as a summary interpretation of its pertinent provisions, shall be included with the applications. Any interested person may file an answer to the application within 7 days after service hereof. Until the Board has acted upon the application, no operations in foreign transportation shall be performed pursuant to the agreement.