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§ 25.858
Cargo or baggage compartment smoke or fire detection systems.
If certification with cargo or baggage compartment smoke or fire detection provisions is requested, the following must be met for each cargo or baggage compartment with those provisions:
(a) The detection system must provide a visual indication to the flight crew within one minute after the start of a fire.
(b) The system must be capable of detecting a fire at a temperature significantly below that at which the structural integrity of the airplane is substantially decreased.
(c) There must be means to allow the crew to check in flight, the functioning of each fire detector circuit.
(d) The effectiveness of the detection system must be shown for all approved operating configurations and conditions.
[Amdt. 25-54, 45 FR 60173, Sept. 11, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 25-93, 63 FR 8048, Feb. 17, 1998]