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§ 417.221
Time delay analysis.
(a) General. A flight safety analysis must include a time delay analysis that establishes the mean elapsed time between the violation of a flight termination rule and the time when the flight safety system is capable of terminating flight for use in establishing flight safety limits as required by § 417.213.
(b) Analysis constraints. A time delay analyses must determine a time delay distribution that accounts for the following:
(1) The variance of all time delays for each potential failure scenario, including but not limited to, the range of malfunction turn characteristics and the time of flight when the malfunction occurs;
(2) A flight safety official's decision and reaction time, including variation in human response time; and
(3) Flight termination hardware and software delays including all delays inherent in:
(i) Tracking systems;
(ii) Data processing systems, including all filter delays;
(iii) Display systems;
(iv) Command control systems; and
(v) Flight termination systems.