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§ 25.1182
Nacelle areas behind firewalls, and engine pod attaching structures containing flammable fluid lines.
(a) Each nacelle area immediately behind the firewall, and each portion of any engine pod attaching structure containing flammable fluid lines, must meet each requirement of §§ 25.1103(b), 25.1165 (d) and (e), 25.1183, 25.1185(c), 25.1187, 25.1189, and 25.1195 through 25.1203, including those concerning designated fire zones. However, engine pod attaching structures need not contain fire detection or extinguishing means.
(b) For each area covered by paragraph (a) of this section that contains a retractable landing gear, compliance with that paragraph need only be shown with the landing gear retracted.
[Amdt. 25-11, 32 FR 6913, May 5, 1967]