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§ 313.6
Energy statements.
(a) Each major regulatory action shall include, to the extent practicable, consideration of the probable impact of the action taken or to be taken upon energy efficiency and conservation. The administrative law judge or the DOT decisionmaker, as the case may be, shall normally make findings and conclusions about:
(1) The net change in energy consumption;
(2) The net change in energy efficiency; and
(3) The balance struck between energy factors and other public interest and public convenience and necessity factors in the decision.
(b) Energy findings and conclusions contained in any initial or recommended decision are a part of that decision and thus subject to discretionary review by DOT.
(c) In the case of orders to show cause initiated by DOT, energy findings and conclusions may be omitted if adequate information is not available. In such instances, the energy statement shall be integrated into the final decision.