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§ 302.407
Commencement of enforcement proceeding.
(a) Whenever in the opinion of the Assistant General Counsel there are reasonable grounds to believe that any economic regulatory provision of the Statute, or any rule, regulation, order, limitation, condition, or other requirement established pursuant thereto, has been or is being violated, that efforts to satisfy a complaint as provided by § 302.405 have failed, and that the investigation of any or all of the alleged violations is in the public interest, the Assistant General Counsel may issue a notice instituting an enforcement proceeding before an administrative law judge.
(b) The notice shall incorporate by reference the formal complaint submitted pursuant to § 302.404 or shall be accompanied by a complaint by an attorney from the Office of the Assistant General Counsel. The notice and accompanying complaint, if any, shall be formally served upon each respondent and each complainant.
(c) The proceedings thus instituted shall be processed in regular course in accordance with this part. However, nothing in this part shall be construed to limit the authority of the Department to institute or conduct any investigation or inquiry within its jurisdiction in any other manner or according to any other procedures that it may deem necessary or proper.
(d) Whenever the Assistant General Counsel seeks an assessment of civil penalties in an enforcement proceeding, he or she shall serve on all parties to the proceeding a notice of the violations alleged and the amount of penalties for which the respondent may be liable. The notice may be included in the notice instituting a formal enforcement proceeding or in a separate document.
(e) In any proceeding in which civil penalties are sought, any decisions issued by the Department shall state the amount of any civil penalties assessed upon a finding of violation, and the time and manner in which payment shall be made to the United States.