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§ 298.36
Limitations on use of business name.
(a) An air taxi operator or commuter air carrier in holding out to the public and in performing its services in air transportation shall do so only in the name or names in which its air carrier certificate is issued pursuant to section 44702 of the Statute by the Federal Aviation Administration, and in which it is registered with the Department under this part, or in which its Commuter Air Carrier Authorization is issued or other trade name is registered.
(b) Slogans shall not be considered names for the purposes of this section, and their use is not restricted hereby.
(c) Commuter air carriers are subject to the provisions of part 215 of this chapter with regard to the use and change of air carrier names.
(d) Neither the provisions of this section nor the grant of a permission hereunder shall preclude Department intervention or enforcement action should there be evidence of a significant potential for, or of actual, public confusion.