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§ 302.210
Disposition of applications; orders establishing further procedures.
(a) General requirements. The DOT decisionmaker will take one of the following actions with respect to all or any portion of each application:
(1) Issue an Order to Show Cause why the application should not be granted, denied or dismissed, in whole or in part.
(2) Issue a Final Order granting the application if the DOT decisionmaker determines that there are no material issues of fact that warrant further procedures for their resolution.
(3) Issue a Final Order dismissing or rejecting the application for lack of prosecution or if the application does not comply with this subpart or is otherwise materially deficient.
(4) Issue an order setting the application for oral evidentiary hearing. The order will establish the scope of the issues to be considered and the procedures to be employed, and will indicate whether one or more attorneys from the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings will participate as a party. All of the procedures set forth in §§ 302.214 through 302.218 will apply unless the DOT decisionmaker decides otherwise.
(5) Begin to make a determination with respect to the application under simplified procedures without oral evidentiary hearing. In this event, the DOT decisionmaker may indicate which, if any, of the procedural steps set forth in §§ 302.215 through 302.219 will be employed. The DOT decisionmaker may also indicate that other non-oral evidentiary hearing procedures will be employed.
(b) Additional evidence. An order establishing further procedures under paragraph (a)(1), (4) or (5) of this section may provide for the filing of additional evidence.
(c) Petitions for reconsideration. Petitions for reconsideration of an order issued under this section will not be entertained except to the extent that the order dismissed or rejected all or part of an application. If a petition for reconsideration results in the reinstatement of all or part of an application, the deadline for final Department decision established in § 302.220 will be calculated from the date of the order reinstating the application.